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To make skiing a little more fun, the KOMPERDELL brand has created the ALPINE SCHNAPSPOLE gourde ski poles. Their particularity? They are equipped with a reservoir to put a small drop of Gnole or Génépi for example. You will be able to fill its capacity of 0.2 Litre (inside the strand) with its small funnel included


From a technical point of view, this 19 mm diameter aluminium ski pole is both solid and efficient


Go through the ski area combining the pleasure of skiing and sharing fun moments


Product features:


  • Single-strand tube : Alu 5083
  • Tube diameter: 19 mm
  • Capacity: 20 cl / stick
  • Handle: PE Grip
  • Strap: standard
  • Steel spike
  • Washer: Breed
  • Weight: 327 g

- Delivered with funnel