Augment SPORT CARVER inc. LOOK SPX 12GW binding Black 80

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The Sport Carver is a versatile slopeside ski which is suited to every snow condition you can throw at it. This Sport Carver has excellent grip on icy slopes and is easy to control on all other terrain. It will make skiing a breeze with it's awesome performance.


PCM Prepreg Compression Moulding

Sandwich torsion frame

Polyamide top sheet with micro cap

Ash/Poplar wood core reinforced with Titanal, Phenol, Tip Protector

Racing steel edges

P-Tex race base

Name Radius Side shape Weight

Sport Carving 162 13,5 115/68/101 1.550g

Sport Carving 170 15 115/68/101 1.650g

Sport Carving 176 17,5 113/68/97 1.775g



The Look SPX 12 provides the perfect balance between weight and performance for demanding skiers. With best in class elasticity, this binding will give you peace of mind for any type of skiing from carving to steep and deep. The Full Action Toe and SPX heel work in conjunction to give you the best power transmission and shock absorption out there. This is the binding we can’t stop going back to!