Goode Pure Carbon Poles

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Pure Carbon Series

This is the ski poles that started the Composite Ski Pole Revolution.

Weighing in at an unbelievable 540 grams per pair - or about half of traditional alloy poles – the Pure Carbon Classic is the best-selling carbon fiber pole of all time.

Whether you are looking to lighten your load for your skin up your favorite backcountry stash, don’t want to swing a lot of extra weight all day on the slopes or are looking for a nearly indestructible pole, the Pure Carbon Classic is for you.


  • Height adjustable dual density grip
  • Ezee Skee Straps - makes it easy to get your hand inside of the wrist strap.
  • Ergonomically designed grips are comfortable, perfectly balanced, are easy to hold, and help deliver ideal swing weight.
  • Patented Inter-Loc™ hook system attaches our straps and gloves to the pole more precisely than traditional straps. This creates the preferred Swing Angle™ putting more energy and control in your hand.
  • Our Inter-Loc™ strap system allows the strap to release from the pole if enough force is applied — potential protection if a pole gets caught up somehow.
  • Our Inter-Change™ basket system allows skiers to change baskets effortlessly and easily. Change your traditional baskets to powder baskets or race baskets in seconds, simply screw a basket off, and snap a different one on.


  • Shaft: Patented Pure Carbon Fiber  Diameter: 10.4mm  Style: Pencil™ (No Taper)
  • Shock Absorbtion: Highest
  • Grip Style:  3" Precision Height Adjustable with Dual Density grip
  • Strap: Inter-Loc™ Woven Nylon/Buckle
  • Basket Styles: Standard Round Disc Baskets
  • Weight:  540 grams/pair
  • Swing Weight: Very Light